This is the second in a series on Reflections Interior Design’s blog to feature an emerging designer.   Kimberly Schmunk is a recent graduate of James Madison University’s Interior Design department and is now working as a designer for firms in Richmond, Va, including mine.   In our new ‘modern economy’ young graduates have to be so very creative how to carve out a living while putting their resume building skills to task.  Kimberly’s unique talent arranging florals at Sugar Magnolias in Charlottesville, Va. was a good fit for that in-between time of college and working for interior designers.

Kimberly says:

“Interior Design and the wedding industry actually have quite a bit in common; both require understanding your client’s style and taste and require good interpersonal skills!  After all, a wedding is a very big investment and is one of the most important events in a woman’s life.  Both Interior Design and the wedding industry pay close attention to staging and details.  Presentation is key!  An antique family broach on the bride’s bouquet can be just as special as a displaying a homeowner’s grandmother’s china…Last summer, while on my search for a full-time position in the interior design field, I found a job as an assistant florist at a local flower shop.  It was such a pleasant experience and I’ve learned so much about the wedding process, staging and flower care.  Creating arrangements, boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets and elaborate flower arches in the summer can be very challenging!   The wedding industry is very much about time management and multitasking, just like Interior Design.”