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13 04, 2013

When Interior Designers Gather


Herman Miller's Workplace Strategist vibrantly sharing her ways to keep interior designer's creative knives sharpened

When Interior Designers Gather2021-01-13T18:14:45+00:00
18 01, 2013

I have the most thoughtful friends!


Tonight is the pre-opening party for a newly completed restaurant in Lynchburg, Va.  called Arosto.  In the snow they have been posting photos of their brave crowd who would not be daunted by a few flakes to test out the newest offering of California Pizza concepts in the area. Tuesday on my last visit to the [...]

I have the most thoughtful friends!2021-01-13T18:14:45+00:00
11 11, 2012

Hanover County Family Room renovation


Success is in seeing how your clients interact with their space after you have left the room.  This 60 hour work week family had a functional at best space, with TV, fireplace and furnishings.  At the end of a long day this CEO mother felt more stressed to come home than eager, sitting in [...]

Hanover County Family Room renovation2021-01-13T18:14:45+00:00
13 06, 2012

Bought a fixer upper!


  Some of what was gutted   Very often interior designers love to create drama with demolition.  This would be the case in every instance except perhaps, having to live around or in the mess at the same time as many of our clients do during projects.  Therefore, when one gets a wild notion to want [...]

Bought a fixer upper!2021-01-13T18:14:46+00:00
16 04, 2012

About Switching


Welcome to Wordpress! For someone who does 'change' for others for a livelihood and a passion, when it comes to changing something for myself in cyberspace I think I would rather live without a working kitchen for a year. For 2 years my well loved yet well worn Flash website needed to come into the [...]

About Switching2021-01-13T18:14:46+00:00
24 11, 2011

An interior designer’s view on Christmas Decorating (for herself)


It started in college - be inspired they said!  Look at all that's around you!   Numerous years after graduation they are still right, and much comes under our designer noses that does turn our heads. The glossy holiday ideas that roll out in August are no exception.   Every year I think I might try something new - [...]

An interior designer’s view on Christmas Decorating (for herself)2021-01-13T18:14:46+00:00
25 09, 2011

Hurricanes and Earthquakes and Airplanes


All summer went by without even a single blog post, and the title of this entry is my excuse.   Memorial Day kicked off the summer with a girlscout sleepover, several summer camps and no sooner than it was time to have fireworks (which got rained out in Va. Beach) it was time to board a plane [...]

Hurricanes and Earthquakes and Airplanes2021-01-13T18:14:46+00:00
19 05, 2011

Designer Packaging…


I don't mean the pretty stuff that catches your eye in a Manhattan store window or at Target either.  This is an observation and brief commentary of all of the packaging that comes into my space.  Number one, there's lots of it - for even the smallest tile samples ordered.  Today I got bubble wrap so [...]

Designer Packaging…2021-01-13T18:14:46+00:00
15 05, 2011

Found objects or Russian wedding?


Has it been since February that I've touched the blog?  Appears that way!  I was blessed with much work late winter into the spring that was more commercial design production in nature.   Many hours were spent on the road to DC and Maryland followed with CAD production for a client, which has been completed of late.  Now I [...]

Found objects or Russian wedding?2021-01-13T18:14:46+00:00
14 02, 2011

Red Brick turns Stone


This post would pain my father in law who has great family ties to a brick company in Virginia so keep this to yourselves - shhhh.  The dark red brick that has been a thorn in the client's side for a number of years in their dark family room, is now transformed.  A bright airy space [...]

Red Brick turns Stone2021-01-13T18:14:46+00:00
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