Some of what was gutted   Very often interior designers love to create drama with demolition.  This would be the case in every instance except perhaps, having to live around or in the mess at the same time as many of our clients do during projects.  Therefore, when one gets a wild notion to want to renovate something of their own without living in the mess, what better way than to rehab a foreclosure.     The story of the house is told in layers upon layers of kitchen flooring and miscellaneous rooms built over time in the basement.   We have found 100’s of Gillette razors complete with old typeface font that were ‘thrown away’ in a slot in the medicine cabinet, just to sit between the walls until 2012.   One of the homeowners used to be a City Councilman in the 70’s, his campaign cards were found randomly strewn between the baseboards and the walls.   A circa ’70’s love-letter was discovered in the attic under the insulation.   Just yesterday, in the joists of the basement ceiling, floated down a postcard from Quebec, written in French.   The flooring gave up its ghosts as we made it down to the original sub-floor and just yesterday the battle was won against the tile adhesive on the basement level.  The peonies and azaleas will recover from the temporary burial under sheetrock and lumber.  This is just week one.  The interior design project deadline is mid-July, landscaping to begin after the remade interior is ready for the tenant.    This new interior design blog that is much neglected from too much design and not enough blog-envy should be a good place to catalog the little house’s journey back into the 21st. Century. This was just the beginning of the gut job