Interior designers have as much to thank for that cable channel as we do reasons to wish to pull the plug.  It has definitely brought our profession (in a residential aspect) to light for many consumers and for that I thank them.  That we cannot complete a project in 30 – 60 minutes under a certain sum of money is a reason to pull the plug.  Projects come in ALL shapes, sizes and budgets and we’re glad for them all. 

The reality of the real not-TV world sets in when there is drywall dust permeating the outer rims of the farthest room in the house, furniture in every place except where it’s really supposed to be and 3 days from one for certain installations that require precision and utmost care.   I do feel for my clients and they are all always truly good sports when it comes to the upheaval they sign on for when any renovation takes place.  The one thing I do apolgize for to all of my clients when we start a project is that I don’t have their room on DVR to hit the fast forward on the remote.  

Here’s a photo of the progress of one room that is ongoing where the dust is not yet settled.  It’s getting closer but the most fun is the journey along the way, so now you may see another progress print of what will be a clean bright space in the near future.   Enjoy the show!