I just came from a great meeting (in person) with my designer friends that I’ve gotten to know over the years from my membership in ASID and we’re all working on trying to be the best interior designers we can be, AND learn all of the ins and out of how to best market ourselves on the internet.   Our specialty as a profession is to see the world in 3 dimensions and the world that sees us online is in 2 dimensions so right away, we have to learn a new way to design our presence.  We’re lucky that right at our fingertips we have a great resource of professionals that have marketing backgrounds and are familiar with our design practices to help make our 3D world look great on your screen.   When you have a chance, please visit these web professionals’ pages via Facebook or on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc:  Traction Group – Sally Witsky, Gibson Design Group – Alexandra Gibson and Jade Enterprises – Jay Campbell.   It is all a work in progress, but design is all about change so I think we’ll be just fine!