Spring is here in total, and this winter was painfully snowy so it’s nice to be inspired by all of the warm weather and mulch to spread.  I also have gotten my second and last child over the infancy hump, where he can ride his trike in the driveway while I work in the kitchen or out in the yard tending my newest plantings, before they get eaten by voles.   While I whittle away at projects years neglected by client work or motherhood and slowly see progress, sometimes it only lasts a few precious moments.  

Yesterday I moved the riding mower out of my herb bed, sitting on top of my new basil, TWICE.  My husband promised to keep the mower in the garage and somehow it now lives in what was supposed to be my gardening shed, too close to the herbs I’ve found out.  

Inside I’ve made efforts to contain the children’s prided possessions in their rooms, in special storage in the living room AND in my home office.  That should be enough space, right?   The 15 minute walk around at the end of the night to corral the stuff ends up being 15 minutes an hour, even with the Montessori method where they pick up after themselves.  And we don’t even have as much kids stuff as many friends.   This also goes for my husband. 

The dog is as big as my children, and is also considered one of them.    I can’t seem to teach her to toss her old marrow bones in the trash or use a special spot in the yard.  My bedroom will soon be taken up by her new bed which is going to be huge!

I now know why I love being a designer.  I still have places other than my own home where I can express my creativity.  The spaces I create in someone else’s home, store or office will be more lasting than those creative bursts born here at home, and I can always go back to visit.