Has it been since February that I’ve touched the blog?  Appears that way!  I was blessed with much work late winter into the spring that was more commercial design production in nature.   Many hours were spent on the road to DC and Maryland followed with CAD production for a client, which has been completed of late.  Now I am catching up on my reading, sharing, and discovering all of what’s cool in my magazines stacked up high.   This article in SL in particular caught my eye since everything growing around my house is petite, healthy and oh so very ‘done’ looking (did I say that??!!).   The broken clay pots reused for underneath a fountain made me laugh and I imagine that’s what makes it successful and also a little bizarre at the same time.  If I tried to use found objects all over my yard it would look like I’d gone to a fire sale at the giveaway pile at the refuse station.  Designers houses always come last and there’s so much ‘found’, hand-me-down, rescued from projects already inside it’s nice to treat the outside to something dressy and new to fool the guests who arrive.   I just donated about 8 clay pots…who’d have thought…I wonder if I can get them back (smile).   http://www.southernliving.com/home-garden/gardens/heirloom-vegetable-garden-00417000072784/page10.html