There are so many places on the web one can go for advice on this topic, just by typing the simple words ‘hiring an interior designer’ into a search window.  Luckily for the consumers, the advice is similar across the board.   Read as many of them as you can and use the American Society of Interior Designers and International Interior Design Association websites to find designers too. 

The part that you can’t put a ‘how to’ for on the internet is finding and keeping the right personality match for your projects.  The designer relationship is a professional one, but no one seems to mention that it should be fun for you to have us in your project.  We need not loose sight that in all of the decision making and financial aspects of design that hiring a designer and finding the perfect one be enjoyable. 

We also want to have fun with our clients and make the project process as smooth and comfortable while laughing together too from time to time.   Our profession is a serious one, and we’re all business but if you leave fun out of the mix the design process won’t be remembered and that is how we get you from point A to point B.  

So, go out and search for ‘how to hire an interior designer’, do some personality matching and make sure you have fun in the process!