All summer went by without even a single blog post, and the title of this entry is my excuse.   Memorial Day kicked off the summer with a girlscout sleepover, several summer camps and no sooner than it was time to have fireworks (which got rained out in Va. Beach) it was time to board a plane for a trip over the big pond.   Blogging backseat is what happened, especially when it came to the 3 week trip overseas.   Many many photos to share so check out Meredith Hayes on Facebook for the photos of cool buildings and sites.   Sitting in the airport in Paris to come home I saw the Airbus A380 towering over the terminals – so cool, almost like getting to see the Concorde take off before it went into retirement.

Upon arrival  home there was a 20th HS reunion to celebrate, a surgery for a spouse and an earthquake, Hurricane Irene and back to school for kids.  There’s 3 + months in one breath. 

Some cool projects going on were a classroom contest makeover, a bathroom renovation, a basement and a restaurant, all while we had aftershocks and no electricity.   Some have wrapped up and some are still in the pre-unveiling stage.   Glad to be back and in the normal routine of whatever normal is supposed to be!