Tonight is the pre-opening party for a newly completed restaurant in Lynchburg, Va.  called Arosto.  In the snow they have been posting photos of their brave crowd who would not be daunted by a few flakes to test out the newest offering of California Pizza concepts in the area.

Tuesday on my last visit to the site before the opening, I snapped a photo and posted to my Reflections Interior Design Facebook page.!/reflectionsinteriordesign    In this photo there were 2 major items missing if you looked closely and it was fun to have an impromptu contest complete with prizes for the correct guesses.

Today the winners of the Arosto photo guessing game were announced on my Facebook pages.  One of the winners requested that I donate his prize to charity!   That was so thoughtful!  Coming up in a few days some friends of mine and I are due to catch up with some lady friends from the program CARITAS that gather near VCU, before they catch their bus to where they are sleeping for that night.  The Cokes and a smile that we take to them will be treated by the winner of the photo contest this week!