When we entertain around here it’s pretty casual for the most part, with some of grandma’s old silver tossed into the mix for shine.   Designers are a little left of center with a bit of the ‘anything goes’ attitude because we live with a mix of new, cast-offs, heirloom and ‘found’.  That anything goes also must transcend to designer’s children, and they notice.  Setting the table last weekend getting ready for dinner guests, my child asked to help set and what an honor to try to teach her the proper placement for everything.  Au contraire, she had other ideas – but a great one for sure.  She wanted to make a doggie bag for each setting, and went the extra mile to put each person’s name on it so they wouldn’t get mixed up at the end.  We used them as our placecards and they were a hit.  Next time we’ll do it for real and send our guests home with a little extra treat for the day after.