Inspiration for the front door colorMy little girl is definitely opinionated when it comes to what she likes.  This summer comes with both kids getting a room redo as they get older and their storage needs and tastes are changing.   The more immediate change will be to our front door.  We live in a white cape with black shutters and while I like the crisp and clean, it’s time for some color.  As we drove yesterday down a Ginter Park neighborhood street in Richmond, Va., I pointed out all of the different types of houses and the kids were counting the number of stories in each home (she wants 3 now mind you).   There were houses of all different colors and the little lady does know that a front door paint job is in our future.   We approached an adorable cottage Victorian decked out in all shades of purple, including the front door.  ‘STOP MOM!’ she says – it has to be a purple front door as my son chimes in ‘purple, purple’.   Weeelllll, OK, I concede, thinking lavender wouldn’t be so bad on our little home but not my first choice.   Two blocks down another house catches our eye and I really love the color of their front door, hoping she would notice too.   She did!  MOM – I really want THAT ONE!  It’s a pretty shade of teal.  Perfect for reminding us of the clean spring skies we have now, the waters off the coast of Wilmington, NC and days of my childhood with grandma in Ft. Lauderdale on the sand.  If anyone wants a preview, it will be Benjamin Moore 740 Harbor Side Blue and we’ll be the brightest on the block for sure.