My recent muse on my Reflections Interior Design Facebookpage tonight makes the perfect subject for the blog.   I am one of the lucky few who chose the perfect job for herself and get to mold and create in three dimensions of many sizes.   A few years ago a client sent his electrician to me who happened to be embarking on a long custom construction journey of his very own and asked me to help.   The design process was fairly winding as an architect had already created the plans, but that was about where it ended.  I got to take the reins and had a hand in just about every design decision to be made in the years to come.   Well, building can’t go on forever and one of my largest jobs is coming to a close in one sense of design and starting in another.   My love affair with construction, renovation, dust, nails and anything else process related is strong and I will miss this one.   We’re moving them in and now we get to put the gems on the interior but to me, we already have.  Details such as 3 different shades of paint applied by hand (by me) to a light fixture is what makes me tick.  Seven different shades of stain to get the wood species to blend, the antique octagonal heart pine columns painstakingly installed and 10 sketches for a front door design all are what make my job as an interior designer really special.  I see the fun in working through the smallest of detail.   When it all comes together a few years later and the building is what you saw when you closed your eyes, looking into a hole in the ground, it’s a great feeling.   Photos soon, after the new camera is selected, now talk about intimidating!