This is no Facebook page folks, this is for a real wall!  I have seen recently in my commercial interior design and ASID publications information about a new paint that creates a white board space on the wall.  Chalkboard paint is fun, but there’s maintenance issues with it’s cleanup and how to minimize chalk dust on the flooring surface.   My hunch is that the same will be true for this paint, as dry erase markers have the same dust but I’m willing to give it a shot here in one of our rooms (fantastic for notes on a kitchen wall or mud room) and let you know how it looks after a few months of use.  I also will look into it’s ‘green’ specs to see if it’s up to our designer standards (it’s not VOC free) or something I wouldn’t use because one drop in our water supply would choke a whole bay.  In the meantime check it out online – that is the lowest environmental impact way (if you count the electricity I’m using) at the moment to learn about it.