There’s nothing that can compare to Washington DC in the summer.   Overhearing all of the different languages spoken on the streets, it’s like being in Europe (almost)!   I just love all of the larger than life architecture and there’s always something going on – or 100’s of things going on around you.   

I had the good fortune to join the American Society of Interior Designers in some high level thinking for the past day and a half at their DC headquarters and it gets me so inspired to be with such an amazing group of designers and industry members from all over the country.  

The newest exhibit I visited was at the Capitol.  Last year the architecture of the newly created visitor’s center was featured in AIA’s Inform Magazine.  What an amazing place in print and even more so in real life.  My favorite feature (no photos allowed so you’ll have to see for yourself or I’ll take you) are the HUGE scale architectural models of the evolution of the Capitol’s construction and the city around it.   It was also the safest place I’ve ever been – underground, bomb proof doors, security at every turn.  

Thanks America and L’Enfant for creating the most fantastic city in the US, just a stone’s throw away from here!