Copper Cladding Island StoneA few weeks ago I had a post with a randomly found online photo that I just loved (the baby was duck taped to the window to complete the montage).    The photo was a statement about families, and my post was about helping with backsplash tile in my parent’s kitchen.  My mom has redone most of her kitchen within the existing footprint and she did a pretty good job.  The granite was almost a sticker for her, but she did find something she loved, right back at Home Depot where she started her search 9 months ago (they lived with old cabinet doors for counters that long!).   I’ve always said to family and clients, you’re first impression is generally the one you end up with at the finish. 

From the Island Stone site

The tile choices on the market were so daunting we started with my piles and piles of catalogs she chose samples from, then visited the big box stores, then tile stores in her hometown.  We did end up yesterday in Charlottesville at a great little (big selection) tile showroom called SarisAnd Tile and she had picked out a sample of Islandstone Cladding (I adore it) which I’ve shown you here off their website.   We’re going to run it on the vertical behind her backsplash.  There is also an amazing new stone product they showed me which I’ll put in a separate post, it’s worth it’s own space! 




From Islandstone’s site: vertical install