Historic Pole Green Church by local architectI’ve been having more and more conversations with my small business owner peers lately about keeping up with the plethora of options for web marketing these days (and it’s not shrinking).   We’re talking about it so much that I’m putting together a panel discussion for our local American Society of Interior Designer members in June.   Many people say it’s so hard to keep up with that they hire a blogging service, and there are even bloggers you can pay to tell your readers about interior design (I’ll keep mine as personalized as possible, even if it takes me a few days to get to it).  

I’ve not yet made the conscious leap from going to partially plugged in to completely plugged in with the gadgets that follow your every move  – though it’s tempting.   I use the web for sources, but that much more inspired to do my interior designs for my clients when I get away from the technology and take myself places in person that promote creativity.    I delight in looking to nature for inspiration, the local corner antique store with great furniture, our galleries and museums and the old fashioned magazine.

If I blogged, tweeted, facebooked, LinkedIN’d, etc. as much as I do my real work I know where the real work would end up!   It’s another arm of the business and one I’m gladly able to cut off sometimes to find my true inspirations.