I had one of those eureka moments of what I could picture myself doing in 20 years, or be happy doing now if I had fabulous investors but it doesn’t sound like retirement or even remotely takes me from design.   I love and try all different styles, especially those long term casual type projects where we wait for the perfect finds to accumulate around ourselves.  Good cooking is a passion (when I can focus on it)and will try new things in a heartbeat – which always has me designing my perfect commercial kitchen in my head.  I was spoiled for a few years in the cater and restaurant business and the real cook’s kitchen isn’t anything you’d get in the Viking Range catalog.   Entertaining is always fun for us and that gets me in the kitchen and gets me designing too – but way more laid back and only with surreptitious undertones of Martha S. and Emily Post.    SO where do you find all of that in a very casual, commercial hospitality yet residential setting?  The B and B of course!   Now all I have to think of is a name and hope my bones last long enough to have one!