If an interior designer, in coordination with other contractors is going to make a client’s wishes come true, we have to know where you get your inspiration.  An interior designer can certainly space plan just about any area, but the floor plan of the new design is only getting you half-way home.  A major part of our job is fitting your home, office, store or restaurant with the finishing touches that are visible to the eye, and function with beauty and durability, included.   So when you’ve done your homework and interviewed the professionals, think about your inspiration.   Bombard us with photographs of things that catch your eye. What you love will help us create something to live in, that you will love too.   We can occasionally read your mind, but a picture is worth 1000 words.

After Photo - Contemporary Kitchen

This new kitchen is nothing like what was there before.

After Photo - Contemporary Kitchen

Practically nothing was functioning properly on demolition day for this old space.

This is the photo the client chose as their insipiration for the remodel.

This is the photo the client chose as their inspiration for the remodel.