What’s your favorite thing to do?  On this Ask Meredith Monday’s Thanksgiving Fun edition, just drop me a line and let me know what your favorite tradition is.

I have a little twist – my sister lives in Paris, and after the events of Friday, November 13 in Paris I just wanted to think of family and what traditions mean to us.  Families at every economic level in every county experience traditions they create.   One fun tradition for my sister is to recreate Thanksgiving in Paris.  She has to hunt for some of the traditional American ingredients, however she makes it work.  Her other fun thing is to find friends who love to celebrate Thanksgiving with her and they’re not always Americans around her table!  The French love a holiday too!

A tradition for me is to mix in fun and different foods with the tried and true originals.  My daughter helps make a menu and we look at pretty pictures in Southern Living of recipes, and then of course select the least complicated ones to try and incorporate into our easy basic meal.   Some years, we do a historic themed meal, like from colonial Virginia or the Virginia coastline with seafood.

If you don’t have family nearby, do what we have done – what we call the ‘Misfit Thanksgiving’ and have friends come that would otherwise be by themselves and bring them into the fold.  Whatever you do – I would love to hear what makes it special to you – special enough to keep repeating it year after year and then passing along to the next generation of your family.   We also participate in Operation Drumstick, taking a meal to a family in Ashland, Virginia as part of our church mission to help make the holiday special for families who are struggling.

I can’t wait to hear what makes it special for you.


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