Selling a home? What you need to know…

Journey to a Smooth Sale

Meredith Hayes, Realtor ®, offers a unique combination of real estate and interior design expertise, so you can rest assured knowing your home selling needs will be in accomplished hands. From staging your home and attracting buyers, to negotiating contracts, and setting an accurate home value, Meredith will be your partner throughout the home selling process.

Real Estate Staging for Sale

There is a big difference between decorating your house and staging it to appeal to most buyers. For many sellers, staging and low-cost renovations preserve real estate equity and can boost a home’s selling price.

For many sellers, staging and low-cost renovations preserve real estate equity and can boost a home’s selling price. In research conducted by the Real Estate Staging Association that compared identical homes, the non-staged houses sold in 102 days, while the professionally staged properties sold in 45 days. Staging sets a home apart from the competition. Updating decor can mean the difference between selling quickly and for higher price or facing a price reduction if a home stays on the market for too long. As a licensed interior designer and a real estate agent, Meredith offers the best of both worlds – professional staging recommendations with the knowledge of what works best for selling your real estate fast.

There are five key steps in selling your home. While you may have an idea about what price you would like to sell your home for, Meredith will assist in coming up with a fair market sales price, and potentially save you thousands. How? An accurately priced property is more likely to garner multiple offers, and demand for your home. By considering market data for your area, Meredith sets an appropriate price for your Richmond or Charlottesville, VA home.

1. Getting your home picture perfect
 As a seasoned interior designer, Meredith can ensure your home is ready for its close up, for marketing materials, and potential buyers, before they step inside your home. Staging your home with the help of an expert, means your house will look buyer ready the day the listing goes “live”.

2. Market! Market! Market! Meredith will tailor a marketing strategy to suit your individual needs. By utilizing a variety of mediums such as: the internet, MLS listings, open houses, media ads, yard signs, direct mail and agent to agent referrals, you can be sure that your home is reaching suitable potential buyers.

3. Reviewing Offers Upon receiving a written offer, Meredith will check they are prequalified, or preapproved to buy. Next, she will help you evaluate the proposed contract, and discuss what is required of each party. Meredith will be there to protect your interests, and serve as a negotiator on price, financing, repairs and closing costs.

Any contact should have the following:

  • Legal description of the home
  • Offer price
  • Down payment
  • Financing arrangements
  • List of fees and who is responsible for them
  • Deposit amount
  • Inspection rights and repair allowances
  • Method of conveying title and closing agent details
  • Appliances and fixtures that will remain with the property
  • Settlement date
  • Contingencies

Finally, you have three choices: accept the contract as is, accept it with changes (counteroffer), or reject it. Once a contract is signed, it is legally binding, so it is important to communicate any concerns to Meredith, before it is finalized.

4. Closing Before closing- which is the day when your home is legally signed over to the buyer, appraisals, surveys, inspections and repairs may need to be done. Meredith will be your mediator should unexpected issues arise, and when dealing with the buyer’s agent, to alleviate any headaches. As the seller, you may be responsible for paying all, some, or none of these costs, depending on your contract. A few days prior to the anticipated closing date, Meredith will contact the closing agent to confirm everything is ready for a smooth turnover on that date. Now is the time to make moving arrangements if you have not already.

5. Turning over ownership After closing, you should list anything that needs doing before turning over the keys to a new owner. You will need to cancel utilities and cable, and locate any necessary manuals and warranties for appliances.

Call, email or message Meredith today if you know anyone thinking of selling their home, so that a plan of action can be put in place and it will be show ready on the day that it hits the market.