In October of 2015, after many failed scheduling attempts, looking at the shiny shrink-wrapped Financial Peace box of Dave Ramsey’s sitting on my shelf my husband and I ‘got around’ to following this course.   How many of us feel that same way?  That important aspects of life we ‘get around to’.   What was it for us?  We were already ‘debt free’ – or so we thought, we paid of the credit card every month, right?  We have a mortgage, two in fact, but that’s good debt, right?  Tax deductions ‘help us’ we said.  No car payment – for now at least.  What did we need Financial Peace for?

We needed it.   Our pride had gotten in the way of thinking that an envelope could solve all of our financial issues.  Well I can’t say we’re 100 percent there however we took the class.  13 of us took the class.  13 of us somehow killed $64,000.00 in credit card debt as a total class in 9 weeks.  I was one of them.  I paid off the credit cards every month except that the month behind was still looming, so it was a double whammy to really ‘pay them off’.   Ouch.

Cash flow.  That’s the pie in the sky for those of us with any income, and especially Real Estate + Design income that is irregular combined with a teacher’s salary.  I can’t say we are there yet, though we are working on it even today.   Without Financial Peace University I wouldn’t have even decided to make that my one thing to wrap ourselves around in 2016.

Giving.  The heart piece of this class is that we are encouraged to give.  It starts on day one.  Take this as a group, encourage each other, know that hiding your story of financial failure is not going to lead to success.  Help the generation that will come behind you and share your story, and constantly learn from those who have done tremendous things.  Listen closely to the times they didn’t feel so tremendous because that’s me, that’s you, it’s all of us.   Dave Ramsey’s financial bankruptcy story has lead to thousands of success stories because he had the heart and a gift to share it out.

9 weeks.  Mondays.  Starting April 4 7:00-8:30 PM New Highland Baptist Church, New Ashcake Road in Mechanicsville has offered up a space.  The class is only the cost of the materials (approx. $95.00) when you register, if you don’t know someone who’s taken it before.  If you use borrowed books, the class is $0.00.   Singles, dating, divorced or separated, newly married, long married it doesn’t matter.  If you earn money or spend money, this is for you.


Starts April 4 in Mechanicsville, Va.

Starts April 4 in Mechanicsville, Va.

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