I think this home at 4618 Kingsrow Circle in Richmond’s West End has become one of the top 10 projects I’ve undertaken with the real estate and interior design under one roof.   It’s not the size of the home or the level of materials you install, it’s the team effort that it takes to put something like this together, with a quality product that you can trust the next homeowner will be proud of.

This home in Dunncroft, a quiet Henrico County subdivision almost perfectly placed to be easy to get anywhere you can imagine, needed to have it’s love restored.   A few years of tenants were showing the wear and tear.  While not an investor flip, this needed to be renovated in order to put the best face forward in order to sell the home.

I watched the Dunncroft market for a time before we started this project to get an idea of how much we could put into the home in order to ask a fair price as well as attract attention for buyers wanting no work when moving into their home.

Witte Home Solutions worked well with me, to create a budget that would address all of the items in the home.  New kitchen, new bathrooms, flooring, carpet, paint, heating and cooling, new windows, and a completely renovated crawl space complete with new insulation (which is an area that doesn’t get treated much in renovations).

We even uncovered hardwood floors in the family room, and created a cottage feel with the painted brick hearth on the fireplace.  New lighting in the entire house also gave it a completely different feel.   On this Ask Meredith Monday, feel free to ask me what it was like before it was redone, or how we budgeted for items we had to have and then get what was on the ‘wish list’ as well.   The real estate side here becomes more about watching the price per square foot and making sure it is priced right – so it sells fast!

Thanks for watching the fun video we created, fun with iMovie and it keeps home selling creative and fun!


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Source: Relfections Homes VA