With a mind full of creativity and a portfolio full of unique and inspiring school work, emerging young professionals are finding ways to stand out amongst their peers, creating start up businesses and using technology and their own visionary instincts to get their work noticed by the public. Kate Croy is a wonderful example of such an artistic young mind, whom has aspirations of using her innate creativity to take a hobby and turn it into an alternative source of income.


Kate experiences or uses design in her daily life by striving to, “[Visit] new places or experiencing something new every week” Kate says, “Design has its own impact everywhere. I try and always ask myself ‘Did you do something creative today?’ I love the experience of a design, whether be a gourmet-cooked meal at a restaurant, a car, art museums, etc.”


It is this creative curiosity that propelled her into her next venture in taking a passion and merging it with a hobby, to create a business of her own. Kate has teamed up with her father, Randy Croy, a long-time electrician, creating a unique father-daughter business. The concept is to salvage antiques (furniture, instruments, found objects, etc.) into light fixtures.  One head turning idea is this recovered guitar, which now sends out light waves instead of musical ones.


When asked where she saw the business headed Kate replied, “I [hope to] see our business supplying bars, restaurants, homes, apartments, and retail stores with our cool and unique fixtures.”


Kate hopes to sell her work locally in Richmond at the start, “Richmond is such a great atmosphere for design and local shops, they’re always having an art festival or community gathering.” So, if you happen to find yourself at a local festival, art show, or a local market in Richmond, keep an eye out for some unique light fixtures, and you might just find yourself meeting this ambitious and talented young designer.




Written by Kyle Peterson

Edited by Meredith Hayes