If you are involved in any electronic social media scrolling, have ever passed by the wall decals in Target or been to any team building event, you’ll know that you’ll encounter the word Gratitude.  It’s like the buzzword of the last couple of years, because we have lost our way and need the reminder to be grateful.   Gratitude and a Heartfelt Thank You takes time to produce.  Do we spend enough time trying to produce them?

This was a thank you worth passing along to you, not to toot my own horn, but because as we go along in our day, do we really carry ourselves as if we are grateful for what we have?   These folks did.  From the first moment I met them.   I had a local Ashland, Va. home for sale (and to protect the customer all names and locations are removed) and got a call one day with a request to see the listing, they did not have a buyer’s agent (yet) and as a courtesy I showed them the home and explained all of our duties to our clients, why a buyer’s agent is a good idea, and so on.    They were moving in from out of state and the home they were purchasing from a ‘For Sale By Owner’ had turned into less than ideal conditions, down to the septic bubbling up in the backyard.   As they walked away, they seemed intrigued and wanted to do a second showing.

That night, I got a call from a Realtor who doesn’t live too far from me to show my listing, and she submitted an offer.   In a few moments, we both put two and two together and realized it was from the same customer I showed the home to that day.   To make a long purchase story short, they closed on their new home in March 2016 and send me this letter and the flowers (pictured), to which no listing agent hardly ever gets from a buyer’s agent’s client.   It was worth sharing, and this is posted on my desk to remind me to share the gratitude that you receive outwardly and you never know who may be on the other end of the next phone call and how you may impact their life.

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