A renovation built on trust

A renovation built on trust

Those words ‘trust me’.  How often do we say them or hear Trust?  Leap of Trust? Car manufacturers want you to think that about their products ‘safest in car crash ratings’, Michelin: ‘so much is riding on your tires’.   Watching a child jump off the side of the pool into the arms of an adult is a huge leap of trust.  We trust that the number of ounces in a bag of chips is really there, despite being mostly air and a few bits of food.  So how does that impact me?   I have to use those words too and develop an element of trust to help people reach their goals when they buy a home, and they’re spending lots of money to get there!

So, what does a kitchen photo that looks 1/2 finished have to do with real estate, home buying or even trust?  It’s a very sweet story.  A local Richmond public servant came to me and wanted to buy homes with a certain aesthetic in the kitchen.  He felt very challenged and frustrated when he started to watch the market before we became acquainted, and these homes were being sold by renovators (flippers) with the kitchen he desired out of his price range.

In a first meeting, we were able to quickly realize this client was a perfect candidate for a home loan that allows renovations to happen immediately after purchasing and rolls the renovation costs into the mortgage (203K Loan).   And when it came up that his new home would immediately go under the sledge hammer – I had to use the words ‘trust me’.   It’s a big step…We aren’t alone, there’s a whole team that creates this transformation.

We are now about 6 weeks post closing and this photo is the creation of the kitchen that the buyer saw all over the internet and thought he could not attain.  It’s getting there, and it wasn’t without large amounts of trust that he started on this journey.  All of this inside is original budget goal.  Trust is a precious thing…

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