This is a very proud moment to share some great news.  How do real estate and real TV come together?  That’s a story that starts a few years ago, and you can find introductory posts on this blog from July 2015 in a series about a custom home and the roads we traveled to reach those goals.  Let’s fast forward!

Here’s a link to an audition that landed my little friend on TV and the house I designed for their family in the backdrop!

Next airing to see what I’m talking about is on the Food Network January 9!

I can’t help but be proud to know that real estate and design had played a part in making changes in a young girl’s life that first encouraged her to express her creativity and now has launched her to recent TV stardom!    On Tuesday, a local child who is parented by some amazing clients, won Food Network’s Chopped Junior episode for her tenacity in the kitchen, deft quick thinking and her ‘cuteness overload’.   This child I’ve had the honor of watching grow and also saw how her parents set a goal to create a home that fit them perfectly and held tight to that house dream which they are living.  During the window in time that we had together we created a kitchen that could be the hub for just about any family activity.  The space where we considered every detail, was recently transformed into a test ‘Chopped Junior’ kitchen for the audition and practice before the August filming.  Their new home made just for them, blossomed into a place that their child could flourish, be encouraged to create and dream, as well as being easy to use for young ones.   I couldn’t have explained it better than this article today featuring the newest Chopped Junior Champion from the Richmond Times Dispatch.  See also recent stories from Channel 6 and Channel 8.   Claire, we at Reflections Homes are super proud of you and honored to be part of the journey that inspired you to keep cooking to the top!  Congratulations!!

Newest Chopped Junior Champ

Newest Chopped Junior Champ



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