Yes Virginia, we sell homes in the Snow!   Motivation to move is almost like the post man (or woman): not rain, nor snow nor sleet nor dark of night will deter the motivated from their home search.   What is most characteristic of living in Virginia, is that the week before New Year’s Eve, we were cutting grass because it was still growing.  Now the healthy green grass is under 14 inches of snow.  Welcome to VA.

Why should you love 125474 Mount Hermon Road, Ashland, Va. 23005 in the snow?   Well, you have a screen porch that you could watch the flakes falling from, without getting totally covered.   This yard is flat, so that means no sliding up or down your driveway in your car just to get home.  The roof is well pitched, so snow will melt away.   The road is a well traveled road, not a busy main thoroughfare, however main enough to see a snowplow before April in these parts.  There’s a wood stove insert with a blower: for most that know what living without electricity in a storm in the winter is like, this wood stove will heat the house (without the expense of a whole house generator).   There’s an attached garage, AND a mudroom, WITH a laundry room all attached so all of your snowy gear can be left in those rooms and not at your front door melting on your fine hardwood floors. There’s a fenced rear yard, so that Frosty the Snowman can be made over and over, inside the safety of an enclosure for pets and little people if needed.  Programmable thermostats in zones, meaning your electric bill with this home even in deep snow won’t skyrocket and the newer energy efficient windows keep the heat in and the cold out.

So, don’t let the snow keep you away!  This immaculate home offered by Meredith Hayes: Reflections Homes – Keller Williams Realty will be open on January 31, 2016.

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Source: Relfections Homes VA