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25 09, 2012

Emerging Professionals: Young and Entrepreneurial


With a mind full of creativity and a portfolio full of unique and inspiring school work, emerging young professionals are finding ways to stand out amongst their peers, creating start up businesses and using technology and their own visionary instincts to get their work noticed by the public. Kate Croy is a wonderful example of [...]

Emerging Professionals: Young and Entrepreneurial2012-09-25T14:38:23+00:00
24 11, 2011

An interior designer’s view on Christmas Decorating (for herself)


It started in college - be inspired they said!  Look at all that's around you!   Numerous years after graduation they are still right, and much comes under our designer noses that does turn our heads. The glossy holiday ideas that roll out in August are no exception.   Every year I think I might try something new - [...]

An interior designer’s view on Christmas Decorating (for herself)2021-01-13T18:14:46+00:00
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